Friday, January 12, 2007

Salvage Operation Pt.1

My thinking earlier in the week, it will be a disaster. But then again, life has its own way of giving you a lifeline. Remember my week was almost in tatters due to 'our favorite past time' (which is makan)? As it unravels, due to insufficient quorum on Wednesday, the 'makan' do was postponed to the next day...

Great! Manage to squeeze in one lunch hour workout. Felt heavy, maybe some rustiness in the joints, but that what you get with an extra weight all over. Not contented with that, drive back early and played basketball. Hehehe, felt tired but at 1 day is in the pocket.

The next day, a very important visitor (the highest of all) paid a visit and as a consequence, all of us needs to vacate the office by 4.45pm. As no lunch hour workout today (big 'makan' do at the grilled fish place, remember?), what else to do if you're driven off from office early... I dropped by at the basketball courts, and played a few games. Knee starts acting up again, but its bearable. I hope so.

Two days out of three working out, not too bad... not bad at all.

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