Monday, January 15, 2007

Salvage Operation Part 2

Well, today is Monday. And during the weekend, another salvage operation was in place. After the basketball game on Thursday, opted to take the day off to enable my 'sore' knees get some rest. Moreover, was looking forward to doing lots of aerobic work (read: cycling) during the weekend, with long ride planned on Saturday and Sunday...

Remember, I was losing my mind? It slips my mind (again) that my parents will be coming on Friday, and we'll be picking my aunt up in the airport later Friday night. And my mum told me that, her flight is delayed to arrive at about 2am. Ha? Damage control mode activated. Sleep early, and hope the damage will be minimised.

No such luck, we ended up coming back from the airport at 430am. So what happen to my early morning ride? I woke up at 615am, check the time, and continue sleeping. Woke up around 830, mum cooks some scrumptious breakfast and... well, how can I say 'No' to mum's cooking? Hehehe... I'm weak.

No workout in the morning would mean basketball then. Ended up with a really sore knees, but we win some games. This extra weight is really killing me (my knees exactly). Iced my knees and had a good meal, with some protein and little carbs. Had a good nite sleep and hope for an early start tomorrow...

My parents are going back today, so just checking with them what time they are leaving. Ride out at 730 and promise them I'll meet them around 8am. Take a familiar route out to MINT and back, and met a group of riders getting ready for a ride to BLalang at UNIKEB. I'd need to clock more miles before I could even think of joining them. At least a solo 120km non stop ride. That would be a target for me.

Manage to squeeze in a 40 mins ride, meet my parents, sort out a few important things to be done in the next few weeks and they are off. What else to do? I have another appointment with a friend in Pjaya in 45mins time, so what else a man on a salvage mission need (can) do? Should I sent my bike upstairs (my apartment is at the 5th floor) or chuck the bike in the car and drove there or what? What else? Ride my old, trusty bike there of course. Hehehe..

The problem is I do not have any water bottle left as I lost it last week. Make the decision to ride to Pjaya and raid a convenience store there. Knees starting to act up again, but its all in the mind. Its all in the mind. Slowly but surely, hahaha... it took me almost 45mins to reach there, just in time to meet my friend at the Club. Not before raiding the 7-11.

Teach my friend to row (I took the time to rest and became the slave driver) and we finished around 11am. Have to turn down free breakfast (I'd never say 'No' before), as I still have the journey back home. Luckily the weather is not that hot (nevertheless, I'm burnt) and reached home before noon. Stretching, cool down and proceed to cook lunch. A simple one with rice, meat and fish. Decided on active rest, went to the office and drop by at the courts later in the afternoon for a shoot around. Good rest but slept late a bit... attending a call from someone dear

So what happen today? Nothing. Really. Didn't I tell you that every Monday is my OFF day?

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Paus Biru said...

Thanks for teaching me, dear. You can claim that breakfast anytime. Sorry, had no idea you were already running around since early morning...