Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Favorite pasttime...

This week has not started well enough. The previous week, I some workout in (at least 5 in total) but as of today I have not been able to get my fat arse to the gym, either on the erg or the stationary bike or weight bench, even to the courts (basketball, not the judiciary manage to put inones).

Hmm, so what happen yesterday? Let see, started my work with two meetings back to back, 830am to 1030, and then 1130am til 1pm. No trip to the gym during lunch hour, as I take yesterday as a rest day as Sunday had been a two workout session day. Felt good (with the rest and all) and had home made sandwich for lunch and dinner...

Today, looking forward to work out in the gym during lunch hour but forgot that I'm supposed to be somewhere else by lunch hour for a discussion and programming workshop and needs to leave the office by noon. Oops, how could I forget about that? And just as I was leaving, one of my colleague is having a pizza party... Alamak! Food and eating... the Malaysian favorite past time :(I manage to limit myself to just one slice of pizza and rushed off for my workshop. Good workshop and discussion and it renewed my interest in programming. Back in the office by 430pm and my colleagues had actually set aside a few slices of pizza for me. I LOVE them (my colleagues, not necessarily the pizza..). Hmm, finish my work and thought about basketball but...

In the end today, I stayed back in the office, did some more research AND not going to the basketball courts. Two days in a row of not working out. Maybe tomorrow then. NO! Definitely tomorrow... must work out! Must! MUST!

Lunch hour tomorrow, Nick is giving all of us a treat. At the 'grilled fish' place. Grilled fish place behind the palace. Another lunch hour workout is going down the drain... again.

p/s Btw, the pizza my colleagues left aside for me, is going
to be my breakfast tomorrow. Am not eating them today. At all.

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