Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally..BonBook is complete ;)

My smartphone of choice is Blackberry, so its only fair that my choice of tablet should be one from Blackberry as well. Blackberry Playbook was launched in April 2011, with leading edge specs, at least at the moment and a clever interface which uses the bezel to navigate.

Unfortunately, Playbook was panned by critics because it was launched without a native email and PIM, which considering Blackberry's strength, was strange. To RIM's defence, access to emails and PIM was provided through BB Bridge, a stroke of genius which puts security well in perspective.

In responding to the market pressure, RIM comes out with numerous beta updates, which provides a glimpse into whats in store. Fast forward to February 2012, and finally the awaited software update, with the awaited native email and PIM, with a lot of other goodies inclusive of the impressive remote control function.

So right now, BonBook is officially running bridged to BonBerry with Bridge ;). Sweeettttt!!!!

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