Friday, January 13, 2012

One down, lots to go..

After the last last ride for 2011, at the very end of December, it has been a bit quiet. Then, Am-strong suggested a ride to usher in the new year. Plans are made, friends called, invitations extended. We agreed to meet at The Office at 0730hrs on Saturday.

A pleasant surprise, when in all, five other friends show up. Am-strong, Lee Ming, Ammar, and newbies, Siti together with Fong Ling completes the group. We decided to take Am-strong's suggested route to The Summit and back. Coming out from The Office, we took the motorcycle lanes and it was maintained well. No exposed drains and ill positioned grates.

We ride for about 75 mins and stopping only to rehydrate at Kinrara R&R. Not bad for a 26km ride. Everybody is looking forward to the next ride, but it won't be Bagan Lalang. Not yet anyway, kan Am-strong?

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