Monday, August 09, 2010

The wheel has landed..

Finally, after a very, very long time, the back wheels of Scotty has returned home. With a new spoke (in addition to the three before that), it is ready once again to carry my big a** all over the place again.

Even when I was at the bike shop earlier today, the owner wife was commenting that I must have not been riding since then. I want to tell her that I have a few more gleaming new road bikes at home, but that is just wishful thinking, hehe. The bottom line is, I haven't had the time to drop by at the bike shop and pick up the wheels. And its just a convenient excuse for not riding :(

With that note, and pending the arrival of the storks, I don't think I would be riding in the next few days. Once the storks delivered, then it would be easier for me to plan my rides. Really need to ride and catch-up all those missed sessions. And row more often. En AzLei said, early October will be some ergo races coming up. Now, that's a thought.

Have a great week ahead people!

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