Monday, August 09, 2010

Green, green grass of home?

A friend commented on one social website that if the government are serious about protecting the environment, how come one hybrid car, a Prius, costs RM176,000 in our beloved country if the price of the same car in the States is just equivalent to RM73,000?

Should it be cheaper to encourage green living and minimise one's carbon footprint? Should its import duty (one thing that jacks the price up) be reduced or even waived in support for the green movement?

How much would a Prius cost if it is sold in Langkawi? Hehehe..that's some point to ponder ;) What do you think?

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1 comment:

Paus Biru said...

You forget the transport cost and super duper high import duty. Would be nice to save on petrol, though. It's a pretty cool car to drive, but the windscreen lets in too much heat, and back screen is a bit small. Expect it's cheaper in Langkawi, but you can only keep it there. Bawak keluar, kena bayar tax jugak...