Monday, July 26, 2010

A special team..

This is a special team.

I was a member of this team by accident. During a water confidence course I met the Team Coach by accident. You see, I was wearing my favourite tee, with "US ROWING TEAM" printed at the back.

Senior : Hmm..US Rowing Team. Do you row?
Me : No.
Senior : Do you know what rowing is?
Me : I've seen people rowing on TV.
Senior : Do you want to row?
Me : (surprised) Err, they have it here? Sure, I would love to learn to row..

That particular senior happens to be the coach for UM Rowing Team, Mr Azlei and also one of the National Coach. Thus started my journey into the ultimate team sport, rowing.

Coach introduces me to the a machine build for pure torture, the Concept2 rowing ergometer, what is difference of sweep and sculling, singles, pairs, fours, eights, the strength sapping tub to the smooth, fast racing shell, macon (not related to bacon) and big blades, just to name a few thing that I have learned throughout years I was in the team.

In 1999, we were the National champion in Mens 8+, beating the likes of Kedah, in my first rowing regatta. Those days were fun. In late 2000 I became good enough to join the national team and can no longer row on behalf of my university until a few years later. Deep down, I am always proud to be a part of this special team. UM Rowing Team.

This is indeed a special team.

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