Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The bike is in the..bike shop?

It has been almost more than 4 days since I lastt ridden my bike, after the double..err, make it a triple whammy last Thursday. Suffered a puncture, lost my hand pump and to top it off, broke yet another spoke on the rear wheels. Berat sangat agaknya tu.

Still can't locate my buruk TdF glove. It either have fallen off somewhere or merajuk and disappears. Moody gloves they are. Anyway, July is here and after almost a month of nothing but 'Waka, Waka', its time to head north and starts embracing all things french, french kisses, french fries (no,no) and french bun (the bread, of course..)

Come July, I drop everything for the biggest (arguably if you talk to a Spaniard or Italian) cycling race in the world, le Tour de France. This year it starts from Holland, and into Belgium before transversing France all the way to the Arc du Triomphe in Paris on July 25th. Makes me want to get my cycling gear out already, and ride..

Owh, bummer. My rear wheel is still at the bike shop!

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