Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another bike-less day..

It is almost a week since I last ridden my bike. Or rowed. It just shows how much willpower I have (I am a professional procrastinator, remember?)

Am-strong has declared he will be going on a 1800kcal diet, to make sure his weight go down to under 65kg. He figures that being lighter will allow him to beat me, the weakest (no, make that Rider Gemok) of ISN Cycling Team.

Err, maybe I'll talk Am-strong into sharing his 1800kcal diet so that I could slim down (haha!) to 80kg or below. Maybe, just maybe, if I am lighter, my rear, 32 spoke (already) wheel will spend lesser time at the bike shop.

Or, maybe I should just get a new (and stronger) wheelset? Hehehe..*evil grin*

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