Sunday, April 05, 2009

The short (sightedness) of it...

I have been wearing spectacles since I was... err, like 11 years old. So that makes it more than a quarter of a century ago. Being shortsighted unfortunately, put paid to one of my earliest ambition, to became a fighter pilot that is.

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge I started to wear spectacles after I got a high fever, which refuse to go down even after I got a jab in the rear end. Ouch! Degil punya demam. But I realised after that 'demam panas', I move nearer to the telly to watch TV by the day. Maybe, the 'demam panas' has fried some of my ocular nerves...

It was no surprise, that I have to use a -3.75 lenses for starters, and before long it goes up to -4.50. So all this while, I was actually a nerd, before nerd became cool. Then along came contact lenses, that allows me to participate in sports, even contact sports like rugby.

So imagine my surprise when I was going for an eye checkup recently, the technician took a tad longer to prescribe my lenses. It seems that I somehow had lowers my power, to -3.50. That means it has gone down by 1.00. Hows that? the technician even suggested that I use a -3.75 contact lenses compared to the usual -4.50 contacts.

Not too bad eh? Maybe if I live long enough, I may not need to use spectacles anymore... let say in another 50 years time? Hahaha...who knows?

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Encik Rasis said...

er... apakah petua enche bon power tu leh turun?