Saturday, December 20, 2008

What in the world actually happen to Mr Big?

Monday morning, when I reached the office, a few of the people I met asked me, 

'Apa kau dah buat dengan Big? Siap sakit kaki lagi...'

'Teruk kau belasah Big masa cycling, sampai siap MC hari ni pasal sakit kaki..'

' Takkan la cycling sampai MC kot?'

Aik, kenapa plak ni? What in the world actually happen to Big?

Later, I went to Big's office. True enough, he is not  in office. Jaja says that he is on MC. His staffs actually want to know what happen to him that caused him to be on medical leave today. From the little that they know, Big went to cycling on Friday night (read here), and voila, today he called in to inform them that he is on MC.

Going back to my office, a few of our colleagues continues to ask the same question. Ini tak boleh jadi ni, I dont think his injury is caused by cycling. So I gave him a call at noon. He answered groggily (he was actually sleeping then), then I proceeded to determine the cause of injury (cycling was at stake, my friends)..

He described the symptoms, which is 'sakit, berdenyut2 on the lateral side of the right foot. Sakit menyucuk pun ye jugak'. Hmm, doesnt seem like DOMS or fracture injury symptom. 'When do you starts to feel pain?' I probed. Big explains he felt pain around noon. 'So, pagi tu ko pergi la gotong-royong dengan ADUN pagi tu?, is my next question, to which he says 'yes'.

So my friends, its highly unlikely to be cycling injury. If its due to cycling, most probably he wont be able to walk to the 'mamak' after riding the night before. Given that last night it was his longest ride, there are possibilities of overuse injury, but the symptoms doesn't point to that. 

My two cents worth? He might have stepped on something (awkwardly) or bitten by some poisonous insects/bugs/snakes or even toyol during gotong-royong. Or it could be his gout acting up. Or he could just be dehydrated which exacerbates his gout. Or some spirit is angry with him for trespassing on their area, hahaha (this is the probable supernatural explanation).

Get on your bike Big, pronto!

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