Monday, November 17, 2008

In the search for (our own) 'Shangri-La'...

Today most of us are at the workshop, me and CH included. It a whole day long affair, and I guess to a certain extent it achieved its intended target. Anyway, as workshops in hotel could only mean scrumptious and rich food, plans are hatched to slot in a ride this afternoon. Place of choice? Where else, Putrajaya. RV? Putrajaya Shangri-La.

I reached there a bit late, not helped by not knowing where the actual location is. Missed the parking lot, go down and called CH. Apparently he is already there. Park at the bottom lot, and waited for CH. Changed into cycling outfit, and readies the bike. We started slow, and as we spin, asked CH on the route to be taken. He suggested a long, 40km route.

Felt lethargic, maybe due to all the nice spread during lunch. Struggling to maintain 20kmh. Ceh, takkan la nak bagi CH kayuh depan sangat. CH puts in more, and more distance between us. Tak boleh jadi ni. Changed into higher gear, and chased him down. Managed to catch him near the wetland and continued to press on until Precint 8. Need to keep my cadence high.

As we turn toward Dengkil just after the hospital, I asked CH to slow down as we are doing 30+kmh. He seems surprised as he says that he never exceeded 28kmh on his normal ride. I told him that I got the numbers from my GPS. He still cant believe it and asks about calibration. Well, I'm just relating the info, CH. Anyway, pressed on and the switchback incline allows me to drop CH. Keep those cadence high, Bon...

Took a left turn to Dengkil, and CH presses on. I told him that we need to slow down, as I pengsan already. He says he's in the same boat, but tells me to go on if I can. The flat route allows me to power on, hitting 39kmh before being overtaken by CH. Ceh, kata dah dua kali kong, OK je nampaknya. Take a left toward PICC, on the Alamanda highway. 

Turns on the crank, and recheck GPS calibration with the distance marker. Spins easy nearing Pinggiran Putra where CH caught up. The big climb looms in the distance. Told CH that the GPS distance checks and we had in fact, only cycling for 23km. He is adamant that this route is 40km long. Told him that we'll check the total distance at the finish line.

Maintained a good speed up the climb, and took a left to Alamanda. CH says he need the shortcut. Ride easy all the way to the Shangri-La, when make a final dash uphill towards the finish line. Ceh, wrong choice of gearing, almost fall of my bike at the top. Total ride time, 1:17, distance 30.8km. "No wonder I am always left behind, I am actually undertrained by 25%..." laments CH.

For the next ride, CH thinks of dragging Big along. At least someone will finish later than him. Hahaha, good idea CH :)

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