Thursday, March 06, 2008

An alternative to work?

It seems that my life has been taken over by meetings.
On Monday, I was invited to my organization's 'Think Tank' meeting, which I'm attending for the first time. From what I know its a weekly affair, and the previous one took 3 hours, ending at 6pm. So for this week, it is started at 2pm so hopefully it could be wrapped up earlier. Unfortunately for me, it still ended up at 6pm. A four hour meeting? Sheesh!

One of my earlier management meetings have to be broken up over two days, on different weeks, each part taking almost 4 hours each. The same meeting  last month stretches from 930am til 215pm, complete with breakfast and even lunch. Its as if they had foresee that the meeting would be really, really long.

In contrast to my own departmental meeting, usually it took 1 hour max. So I can't really see the need for this long winded, weekly, fortnightly or monthly meeting. I do subscribe to the view that we should keep it short and simple. Decisions do need to be made, information needs to be disseminated but meetings doesn't have to be too long.

No wonder, people took meetings as the accepted alternative to work. I would rather be doing something else though :)

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