Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sometime you may find a gem...

In my job, sometimes I do have to travel. Not the jet-set type, more of once in a while.

One thing about traveling is that we tend to compare hotels (at least I do). Well, it could make or break the trip. Just imagine spending a week in a dinky hotel and definitely, you can't wait to go back. A few days back however, the hotel I stayed in was a pleasant surprise.

It was an official visit to the south. We (me and my colleagues, Big, Ooi and Hani) took off from office a bit late in the afternoon, and had to make a detour along the way to send Hani to JB. It was a normal journey, except for quite a number of accident we saw along the way...

Due to the detour, we only managed to reach our destination at around a quarter past 10. I do not put my hopes that high, as Big commented the nearby hotel that he had stayed before was so-so. Hence, I was only looking forward to a bed to bunk in for the night.. but was I surprised at what's in store:)

The Pulai Desaru Beach Resort was a good family hotel (I think). The rooms are quite spacious, and had both bathtub and shower. As for facilities, a good swimming and wading pool, nursery/play room for the kids. Gymnasium and watersports station were there for the guests use (depending on the sea condition).

Upon checking the Net, the rate offered was not too bad, a night stay would cost about RM220.00++. We could also get to Singapore via ferry nearby. I was seriously contemplating that, really. Overall, it was a quiet and a good hotel for relaxing, having a stroll on the 22km long beach etc except for the fact that I find the food at the hotel a bit plain. It could be better, but then again, it could be just me.

Maybe I'll come again in the future. The Pulai Desaru Beach Resort would now rank as one of my favorite hotel down south.

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