Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 in retrospect...

When I was listening to the radio this morning, the topic on radio was, "Whats the most memorable thing that had happen to you in 2006?". Hmm... it got me thinking, what was the MOST memorable things that had happen to me last year then?

Travel wise, 2006 has gotten me places. Been to a few nice cities in Europe, China, Australia and nearer to home, Singapore and Indonesia. My work also means I got to travel to Langkawi and all over Malaysia on official capacity and squeeze in an extra day or two of holidays afterwards. Being in those places, abroad especially, has reminded me that there's no place like home...

Money wise, you win some and you lose some. Still need to be more careful with my money and keep a check on my spending. Credit cards are both a boon and a bane, need to be more disciplined. The car, just another year to go. Manage to save a bit of money, but the occasional splurge do hurt at times. At least I'm not living over my means. Hopefully.

Work wise, the year has started me on a familiar place but ended up in an unfamiliar place. Some office politics aside, I has been given a higher responsibility. Thrown into the deep end of it, I'm lucky to have understanding colleagues (all of you) who supported me and helped me into my new position. A bit more work, slightly more responsibility, different kind of headache AND the pay stays the same, unfortunately, but I guess the learning process is invaluable.

Health wise, I have been sending myself deeper and deeper into the abyss of 'fatness'. No use denying it, I'm fat. Last I check, in these past 5 years, I have steadily increased my weight on average of 5kg per year. My weight now is 95kg, up 25kg from 2001 when I weight in at 70kg. I would like to blame it to all the buffet spread at the hotels I went to be it for conferences, work travel, breaking fast or just to hang out with friends. My 2007? To be at least 10kg lighter by August. Why August? Hehehe...

Relationship wise, where to start? Let us start with friends. Someone said, 'Keep your enemy closest'. We cant do much about other people liking us, but we can learn to like and love people. Generally 2006 was a good year, just having problems keeping tab and in touch with old friends as we move on from Uni, workplace, school and explored other parts of our life, getting a job, married etc. One sad incident though happen at the end of the year, someone very dear to me decided to sever all ties due to some incident which I deem unworthy of the consequences. Sigh. I thought "To err is human, to forgive is divine...". Was I wrong.

Love life? Hehehe... no comment.

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