Sunday, April 12, 2009

The cool tree lined roads...

Heard that Big plans to ride with Mursh in the morning, and sure enough, that was loosely the plan. Decided to join the ride, so I sent text messages to Wari to meet at the RV at 730am. After all, the two team rides planned on the 7th and the 10th did not materialise, so must make up for lost mileage eh?

I am late again in the morning and only reached the RV at almost 0750. Only Mursh was there, as Big and Wari were unreachable. As we discussed on our ride destination, we decided to run some errands in BBB first, and later ride some 40 odd kilometres to Semenyih. Mursh like the ideas, especially as the roads will be lined by nice shades.

We planned to ride a leisure 20-25kmh pace, and should be covering the whole distance and back in more or less two hours. I warned Mursh that there will be a few hills along the way, but nothing he would not be able to handle. He was up to the challenge all the way. Almaklumlah training selalu. We arrive at our destination after about an hour ride, and decided to stop for our break at a restaurant.

After the refreshing mandatory hydration stop, we make our way back. But not without teasing Big, about wanting to stop by at his house. The journey back feels a lot faster (ni mesti kesan milo ais dengan roti bom kot?) and we reached the RV in about 50 minutes. After planning our next ride, both of us part way, while I make my way back home. Leisurely that is.

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