Sunday, February 01, 2009

The (supposed) 75km weekend ride to KLIA...

Last weekend me and Wari planned a long ride together, but as it happens, the ride was not to be. Something came up in the morning, and we took a rain-check on that planned ride to KLIA. So when the opportunity presents itself on Saturday, and last night's PCM ride was easy so make new plans with Wari to meet at the RV at 730am. The rest of the crew? Most of them is not around, so its just the two of us.

I am late again (ya,ya, what else is new eh?) and Wari were already waiting. We set-up our bikes and suddenly we were chatted up by a guard, En.Nuar who took an interest in our bikes. By 830am, we rolled out planning for a 2-3 hour ride. Destination? Either Salak Tinggi or KLIA. I reckon it would be about 50-75km back and forth, so it could work out to an average of 25km/h. Not too bad, eh?

The first 20 minutes were easy, and we gradually upped the speed to 25kmh. Took a pit stip at one of the petrol station and off we roll again, after taking the route to Salak Tinggi thru De'Palma. The rolling highway allows us to hit high 20s, and I asked Wari if we wanted to go back already and turn towards Kota Warisan or all the way to KLIA. 'Weather sikit punya cantik, jalan pun OK jugak. Kita pi KLIA la', he suggested.

So the two of us, make our way towards KLIA and the open space means we manage to maintain an average of 28-30kmh for that stretch. Taking turns pulling in front, tried to maximise drafting effects. Nearing KLIA, we are undecided of going to Bunga Raya and later all the way to LCCT or just make a u-turn at PanPac. U-turn at PanPac it is. If we were to go to LCCT, it would mean an extra 22km, hehehe...

On the way back, we took the Dengkil route and roll in to the RV in Unikeb. I was too slow for Wari (I was wasted OK) so for a good 10km, he left me at the back, and he only slows down near Teras Jernang, where I manage to catch him. Then we spin to warm down to the RV point and our total for today, just 66km in 2.5hrs. Still a few kilometers short of our planned 75km. Sigh :(

Well, a good ride indeed. We should do this more often eh Wari?

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