Thursday, February 05, 2009

The only constant in life is...


In all our life, we change. From the time we are helpless bundle of joy, all the way to the (sometime hapless) individuals that we are, we undergo changes at every part of our life. We hope the changes that we make propel us to be better than we previously are.

So, we change on a daily basis. We even change clothes on a daily basis (kalau tak sure kena pulau dengan kawan-kawan). When I started to row, what starts as a recreational activities evolve to competing internationally. In cycling, from just as a mode of transport to school and the occasional foray to the hypermarket, after a few years graduated to competitive riding of sort, even if its only in duathlons.

So its only natural that my choice of ride evolve from a full-sus mountain bike to a road bike. And most of my riding friends evolve from a mountain bike to a road bike, from an alloy bike all the way to carbon bling-bling,from Sora all the way to Dura-Ace (I am leaning towards rodies). And some of my riding friend here at work, had changed from not riding a bike to riding. And jumped into the cycling bandwagon.

A few more friends are in the fray to join us, waiting to source for their bikes, like Mus and Am. So, the question is... bila BIG nak beli BASIKAL BARU ni? Roadbike! Roadbike! Roadbike!


azizan fixie said...

Finally met Big with hits new Orbea are really good at changing people Enche Bon...Circle of Influence...Congrats!

bola2api said...

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