Monday, December 29, 2008

In search of another Nasi Lemak place?

Last Sunday, the usual crew planned a ride to Lenggeng (again?) but with a slight twist. This time it'll be using the newly paved Broga road (not that I know where it is, hehe). The route? Here. Unfortunately, I had something else to do that day, and also a wedding do to attend so with a heavy heart, would have to say 'nay!' to that ride.

Well, gatal punya pasal la katakan, that morning make my way to the usual RV point, and true enough they are preparing for the ride. There I met Abg Man, Amin and Acap, and also Apai. Tak dapek nak kayuh, hantar orang nak poie kayuh pun jadi la kan. Apparently they are waiting for Hafiz, who suffered a puncture earlier.

While Apai is setting up his bike, his front tire meletup! Luckily its the tube, rather than the tire. So, before the ride another one  puncture casualty. The first tube Apai puts in is not catching air, so they change into another tube. And a short while later, they are ready to roll. Meanwhile, thinking that the guys at the RV point have already left at 730am, Hafiz (I think) cycled straight to somewhere near Semenyih hoping to catch up with the rest. Abg Man then asked him to wait while they are ready to roll out now..

Finally the four of them roll out at a quarter after eight in search of another old skool nasi lemak stall in Lenggeng. Can't wait to read about all that I have missed this week. Sigh. Abg Man, cepat la update cerita baru...

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