Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Do bad luck come in threes?

Once kena already, twice also kena already la...

Yesterday is not that good for me. I have to cut short my ride (even if i have been cycling around Langkawi) and Sonny is hurt. I accidentally dropped him while trying to balance him on a ledge and now he can't retract his lens. Macam lanun pakai spyglass pun ada. bad luck 1?

Luckily (I like to be positive) I broke my spoke almost nearing Kuah town. I do not remember going through a pothole so I can't say what actually broke the spoke other than the immense (downward) pressure my humungous butt puts on the rear tire (and rim). bad luck 2?

Scotty limped back, am grateful to be in one piece, all the while the rear tire rubbing the outer chainstay. Talked to Sahril, and he suggested a shop in town which he says could do it. A few other people also suggested the same shop, so I guess thats the place to head to. Don't want to trouble Sahril so I took the cab there. Hmm, macam kedai buruk je, betul ke ni?

I saw a few frames from afar, and someone who looks like a mechanics working on a bike. Maybe its not that bad after all. Walking closer I saw a Bianchi, a Scott. Maybe this is the place. After all, someone walking around holding a road tire is not your usual daily occurence. So I asked the mechanics if he could help me to true the rim...

" Ini rim road bike ka? Sini takda buat road bike punya la... kalau mountain ada. Sini susah mahu jumpa itu road bike" is his reply. My next question as to other options met with a blank stare. There goes my biking adventure in Langkawi. bad luck 3?

Note to self : Next time, bring a mountain bike to Langkawi.

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bola2api said...

ni nak trng utk IM langkawi ker?? siap bawak beskal gi langkawi heheheh