Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chronicles of a Guilt Ride

At 830pm, my phone rang. 'Kat mana?' asked Big. I replied that i should be at the RV point shortly, and asked whether CH is already there.

'CH just reached home and will be coming over shortly' says Big.

'OK. I'll see you in a short while', I ended our phone conversation.

Once at the RV point, suggested we went to P9 and asked CH to meet us there. At least if Big decides to join this month's PCM, he would know the meeting point. Proceeded to Double Trouble at P9, park our cars and prepare our bikes. CH arrives in a shortly and our ride starts soon after.

Pics (This is the first pics of DaBomb and its proud owner)

ROUTE : PCM route (to hopefully prepare Big for his first PCM ride next week)

TARGET : To get him and DaBomb back home in one piece, hahaha...

So, its decided that we are taking the PCM route. We started slowly and I asked Big if he would have problem riding on a big road (he usually rode in the comfort of his 'taman perumahan') to which he confidently answered, 'nope. no problem at all'. Me and CH keeps the speed low (not that we are that fast, hehehe) and I am always by Big's side to keep him company and keeping tab of the speed.

After Alamanda, came the big (at least to him) climb but Big manages it quite well. The roads after that is a bit rolling, but he stills not troubled by it. He has troubles with his changing of gears though. I suddenly noticed something peculiar about his riding style. His saddle is a bit low, which causes him to pedal outward rather than downward. 'Sapa yang buatkan ko punya bike fitting?' I asked him to which Big answered, 'Takde sapa', a matter of factly.

Me and CH then asks him to raise his saddle by one cm and not more than two cm for starters. At least it will force him to pedal downward rather than first outward and then downward. Slowly but surely, we reached PICC area and CH suggested that climbing that small hill, to which Big refused. Hahaha. Maybe next time eh, Big:)

The three of us continues along the boulevard, thru the pasar malam all the way towards the Mosque and all the way back to P9, all the way asking Big if everything was Ok with him and assure him that don't worry about our pace, we will follow his. We arrived at the meeting point and shortly, where else, its chow time.

Thanks to CH and Big for the ride. we'll do this again some other time.

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