Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are currently working, one of these days you are staring at the prospect of retiring. Well, different countries has different retirement age (where one stops employment completely), which depends on various factors ie determined age, physical condition or even personal choice.

I was talking to someone who works in the public sector the other day, and he was of the opinion that retirement age (for the public sector at least) should be shortened rather than lengthened. He pointed out that, earlier the compulsory retirement age was 55, which was raised to 56 and now, its 58.

He opines that one should reap or enjoy life while they can (and able), and not just stuck to their desk until 58 years old, which could mean more than half of their life. He also pointed out that without these retiree, they would be less jobs on the market especially in the public sector as their retirement would mean extra posts available.

He agreed that the experience of these near-retirement officers are invaluable, but for some, the nature of their work needs one who is youthful and more physical. Lots of travel will take its toll when one is older. Who am I to disagree, as he is also nearing his retirement age. In conclusion, he proposed that the retirement age is brought forward to 53 or earlier.

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