Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some courtesy needed please...

I am expecting a new staff to report to work a few days back, unfortunately I got an early morning text message that conveyed this message

"Greetings Mr Bon. I am John Doe and I'm supposed to report to your organization today. I regret to inform that i would not be able to join due to some other matter"

WTF! You already indicated acceptance of the offer we sent out, and on the very day you're supposed to report, send me a text message? And I'm to be cool about that. Actually, I am cool about that person not coming in to work (as that is his prerogative), what is lacking is the manner of how things are done.

For something this important ie declining a work offer etc, at least have the courtesy of :

  1. Do not assume that text message will suffice, a call would be a better option
  2. Other than calling me as the HOD, DO NOT forget to call Human Resource to inform (and DO NOT expect me to do it on your behalf)
  3. Follow-up the calls with an official letter thanking the organization for the opportunity and explain the reason why you have to decline it (bluff if you have to)
  4. On the phone, sound (terribly) upset on having to decline the offer and not giggling around while breaking the news. I am NOT your friend
  5. If you know beforehand that you had problems reporting in on a specific date, call and discuss on the alternative dates if you are really serious on joining the organization. And not on the date itself, it shows poor planning.

I called John Doe and give him a piece of my mind. I am not at all slighted by what he did, but the manner that it is done, annoys me. If he cant join my department, I am sure its due to some valid reasons. Just remember to do the necessary things, properly.

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AAJ said... comment
I used to have that feeling, long time ago...hehehehe "forgiveness and maturity could helps" and "time is the best healer"