Thursday, May 08, 2008

And it goes up in smokes...

Do you guys have 'pet peeves'? Most of us do, right? Well for me, one of it has to be smokers. Especially if its at makan places. I just loath it if while I'm quietly enjoying my food, a whiff of second hand smoke pervades my nostrils. Its bad enough that smoking is bad for you, don't have to go and force everyone else to inhale your smoke.

I do have smoker friends, but they are kind enough not to light up in my presence, or if they must, they'd excuse themselves to go smoke at some corner somewhere. My three younger brother are smokers too, but they did not puff away at home out of respect for my parents.

I guess its all about respect. If you're brought up with enough respect of other people, you'd make an effort to respect other people's right to clean air, and in my case, uninterrupted peace during meal. I guess those who puffs away without any consideration of other people are just plain selfish. Period.

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Paus Biru said...

I'll second that. Some even puff smoke in your face. Ugh! Very rude.