Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Work, work, work... and then it rains

It has been a working weekend for me. Being involved in sports, at times, means that you can kiss your weekend goodbye. The reason being is that, most sporting activities are held on a weekend so, there goes my weekend.

This weekend, its athletics. Previously, two weekends a month will be taken over by sailing down south. The thing about an athletic meets is that most of the time you would be staring at an empty stadium, while waiting for the (next) event to start, which usually means either every 10, 15 or even 30 minutes. This weekend, its (on average) every 15-30 minutes as we are selective about the events that we are doing.

At the stadium, on the first day, the weather plays havoc, pouring heavily before the event starts at 4pm. When we get there, its drizzling. No cameras on the field. So we are limited to the stands. No problem there, other than the wet track means one of event are delayed by 45 minutes. Bummer, as we have to wait it out. The athlete is trying to qualify for Olympics.

The second day was better, the weather holds (its downcast alright) until the event finishes. But on my way back later that evening, the skies opened and it was raining heavily. Can hardly see the roads.Lots of water on the roads, which is dangerous to speeding vehicles. But no, they speed away nonetheless, which resulted in a 4WD nearly smashing into me... ceh!

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