Monday, October 22, 2007

The meaning of humility...

I was having a quiet dinner at a Japanese (sushi) fast food restaurant a few days back. While I was busy choosing which item to eat (the most item for the least money), the silence was shattered by a loud scream. Looking for the source, mana la tahu ada emergency ke, apa ke...

"Ko ingat aku ni baru hari ni ke makan kat sini?" shouted The Man. "Tiap-tiap bulan aku makan kat sini! KO BARU KEJE KE? KO INGAT AKU NI APA??". Apparently The Man was shouting to the cashier as he was paying. That girl was terrified and she could only give him a blank stare. That obviously riled him more. The whole restaurant was perplexed, what could have happened there?

"MANA MANAGER KO? PANGGIL DIA KAT SINI" The Man insists. The manager came and apologised profusely on behalf of the girl. The Man was complaining about something to the manager (nope, I did not eavesdrop, tak baik tau!) and he was pointing a lot to the girl. He left after paying.

The question is, is anybody any bigger that anybody else to publicly humiliate another person? Well, The Man could have had a bad day at work but it doesn't give him the right to humiliate another person, in public some more. That very day could be the cashier's first day at work, and she could be a bit slow as not to make any mistakes.

But then again, unless the girl tries to rip off the customer, I personally don't think anybody deserve that kind of humiliation. Whatever happen could be settled amicably between the parties involved, without rousing much fan-fare. Or maybe, The Man is doing it for kicks? To feel superior? Pity his lovely wife for that...

Its better to be humble, and have a bit of humility, methinks.

"What goes around, comes around"

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