Friday, September 07, 2007

A new start perhaps?

I use to say to people that rainbow is one of the most beautiful thing. Come to think of it, it was not even a real thing, merely an illusion of a band of colours struck by sunshine after the rain (it might not be the most scientific of explanation though, hehe) and its rarely seen. But, i love it anyway.

What I love about rainbow is that for me, it signaled that after the rain (usually its the heavy, dark thunderstormy type), sunshine is just around the corner and it will shine brightly. That for me personally, signifies HOPE after the cold and darkness of rain. And hope is the thing that keep us going in the first place...

In the past few months, things has not been going smoothly in the office. The current re-organizational exercise has taken a wee bit longer than it should and the battle for the important division has been dragging even longer. It has caused, unfortunately, quite a certain amount of uncertainty and uneasiness among staffs. The lack of direction and information only serves to fuel the imagination, and calls of abandoning ship echoes in the background.

We (me and my colleagues) are only interested in doing our work and office politics is the last thing on our mind. But, if the politics interferes with operational issues and items such as equipment, budget and staffing continues to be out of reach, it frustrates us. And frustrations do leads to a lot of things which have a negative impact on morale and productivity to say the least.

Recently, we have a new person in office and hopefully all of us could work together toward the betterment of the organization and population in general. We would be looking forward to that.


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Marissa said...

If you still remember, we had a fighting on this issue not so long time ago. I dont like the rainbow after the heavy rain... cause for me, the nice scene really not worth to all disaster occurred.

well... still.. you still love the rainbow... ahahha.. me? still not really love it as you did.

Anyway... ehehe.. welcome back and for me, a new start is never too late to anythings...

Even in Islam also stated that Pintu Taubat always terbuka, so why must we, ourselves create the tough rules?

p/s: "Welcome back"... really mean it...