Thursday, January 04, 2007


Another year has passed... sigh!

It has been a long time since I was updated this blog. Heck, I kinda stumbled into the site while playing around with the password. It seems the password was workable after all... hehehe

What had happen in the past year? Many things apparently (as I dont really live under a big rock or whatever). Let see, may we have a recap of sorts, shall we? In January, normal stuff. Work and have a bit of fun here and there. February? More normal stuff... hmm, seems like its repeating itself :(

Got promoted (but its not as promising as it seems, no increase in perks or salary whatever, just more work) in the first half of the year, got fatter along the way, steadily gaining kilos over the months and the bike has been collecting dust at home. What have the world coming to?

In the meantime, got to deal with my brother's old flame oh-I-cant-believe-he-left-me problem, and some other tricky relationship matters. Luckily all is plain sailing at work (most of it anyway, cept for some purchasing matters) and I have few good men and women to support me along the way.

Some of my earlier plans need to be reworked (apparently God has other ideas) and as a consequence, datelines have to be met earlier than expected, but its all in a days work... So need to plan better and stick to it a bit more steadfastly.

Need to work on these things pronto... in no order of importance (all are IMPORTANT!)
  1. Last year's Finance thingy... some 'pelarasan' needed to be made for cash advances, purchasing
  2. Some Admin planning work for 2007, especially the evaluation system, SKT and staffing
  3. Restore some kind of order to my filing system, especially after the 'banjir' a couple of weeks ago...
  4. On a personal note, more financial management (save more, spend less)
  5. Another (very important) personal note, to lose 9.5 kilos by August 2007. No compromise!
Hmm.. hope can get all those done by next week especially #1,2 and 3...

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